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Stedelijk Museum Highlights: What to see at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Highlights

Art enthusiasts know Amsterdam museums as home to the Old Masters, such as Rembrandt or Vermeer, and home to most of Van Gogh’s artworks. However, the Netherlands was also a birthplace of crucial modern art styles, like de Stijl, and artists such as Piet Mondrian or Gerrit Rietveld. Amsterdam is still one of the European capitals of contemporary art. The place to go to Amsterdam to enjoy some of the top modern and contemporary art is the Stedelijk Museum.

Museum Quarter in Amsterdam

Museumplein in Amsterdam

As you can probably guess, the Museum Quarter is my favourite part of Amsterdam. It’s the area of the Museumplein (Museum Square) and surrounding streets. Some of the best Dutch museums are located there. But it’s also a great place to purchase some of the modern Dutch design and art. Museum Quarter in Amsterdam Museumplein Museumplein is the biggest square in Amsterdam and one of the largest green areas in the city. It’s trendy among the Amsterdammers during the summer days when you’ll see many of them enjoying in sunbathing or having a picnics there. A prevalent sight on it…