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Sopoćani Monastery in Serbia

Sopoćani Monastery in Serbia

Sopoćani Monastery is a beautiful place located in the green landscape of south Serbia. It’s a 13th-century monastery famous for its extraordinary frescoes. Although it had a turbulent history, it found its place on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its artistic and cultural importance. Here is the Culture Tourist guide to Sopoćani Monastery, including its history, art and tips for visiting.

Studenica Monastery in Serbia

Studenica Monastery is the largest and one of the most important monasteries in Serbia. With its fantastic architecture and wonderful location in the middle of intact nature, it looks like a place out of this world. If you’re interested in medieval architecture and monastic life, Studenica Monastery in Serbia is a place to visit. Here is the Culture Tourist guide to that fantastic place.

Exploring the medieval monasteries in Serbia

Medieval monasteries in Serbia

As explorers and travellers, we are always looking for hidden gems, destinations that haven’t been discovered yet by the large amount of tourists. It’s hard to find those special places in today’s globalised world. However, last week I spent a few days exploring the medieval monasteries in Serbia. And was thrilled to found some of those authentic places there.

Exploring Balkan Legends and Fortresses: Creative History Balkans Tour

Balkan legends and fortresses

Snake living in a river, three brothers making a sacrifice to build their castle or Greek refugees settling and building a new city… All of these are some of the Balkan legends, that are coming to life with Creative History Balkans Tour. If a combination of the old fortresses, history and local legends sounds like your cup of tea, then keep on reading because this could be an excellent idea for your next Balkan road trip. Exploring the Balkans Recently, I’ve decided to explore more of Eastern Europe and lesser known places there. With its turbulent history, the connection between…