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Why is Sagrada Família not finished yet?

View at the towers of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Why is Sagrada Família not finished yet? That was my question when planning my first trip to Barcelona a few years ago. It’s so fascinating that although unfinished, it’s one of the most famous buildings in the world and is already recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This unique building was designed by one of the best Spanish architects of all time – Antoni Gaudí. Keep reading to learn more about that fascinating building and why is Sagrada Família not finished.

My travel diary: Three days in Barcelona

View on the park Güell in Barcelona

I went to Barcelona without any expectations. In fact, I was so busy before my trip, I hadn’t prepared for it at all. I just needed a few days off and some quiet time with my family. My plan was to just get some sun and enjoy Spanish food and lifestyle. However, this vibrant city made me fall in love with it instantly.