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How I decided to take # 12 nature trips challenge

Bird in the canal at Amsterdam Bos

We are living in a busy world. It’s not something new. Most of us are working 40+ hours per week, mostly sitting by the computer and are dealing with stressful situations on a daily basis. It’s how it is. That’s why most of us also have our own ‘escapes’  from the reality in a calmer world of our own. For me that’s traveling. By packing your suitcase all of your problems are staying at home and you are going to recharge your batteries on your weekend brake. But, what I was thinking about lately, was, is it traveling to a…

Should I stop traveling when I will have a baby?

Tea and baby Karlo watching boats

When I was pregnant, a lot of people were telling me that I should use my time wisely, because once baby arrives everything will change! EVERYTHING!!! Luckily, when our little boy was born I realized that I’m still, more or less, the same person as I was, that I still love to travel and that all that frightening stories are completely wrong. Somehow, everybody forgot to tell you that you are getting totally funny new member of your family and that you will enjoy spending every minute of your time together. And this of course includes TRAVELING! So, here is…

How to decide where to travel next?

Man looking at train time table

Sometimes it’s hard to choose a destination for your next trip. You would like to go somewhere but are not quite sure where. Well, nobody can give you a perfect solution, but here are some tips that can help you in making your mind. #1 – What kind of trip are you looking for? First, you should decide what are you up to. City break, sunbathing at the beach or looking for the culture? When you figure it out, you could get closer to the idea of your perfect destination. #2 – Take a look at the train/plane tickets promotions…