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10 Tips for Travelling in 2022

the map, camera, passport and other traveling objects

We’ve been living with the pandemic for the last two years already. And well, travel was challenging during that time. But, it seems things may change this year. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for. Here are 10 tips for travelling in 2022 that may make your trip planning, destination choosing and enjoying your vacation much easier.

How to feel like you’re travelling when you’re not?

I love to travel. I actually like it so much I created a profession out of it for myself. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak, now it’s not the time to travel. Most of us are in some kind of quarantine or self-isolation in a moment. But, to both stay safe and SANE, it’s nice to create some fun to yourself out of your forced staycation at home. To help you out with that I’ve created a guide with ten tips on how to feel like you’re travelling when you’re not.