Art Letter

Would you like to bring more art into your everyday life? And found a lovely letter filled with art in your post box each month?

You can do that with Culture Tourist Art Letter subscription.

How does it work?

I think we’re all a bit overwhelmed with an online world lately. So, I decided to move some things offline. And instead of a newsletter, send you an old school, snail mail each month.

However, you won’t receive only a letter. It’s going to be filled with some paper art you can surround yourself with that month. And bring a bit of colour and creativity in your life.

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Each letter contains:

  • A personal letter with some art news, text about a featured historical artists and some other art info
  • Custom made illustrated calendar for that month
  • Some of Culture Tourist colouring postcards
  • Paper art, stickers or cards created by other artists

 How much does it cost?

The price of each letter is 8 euros, and you can subscribe for a minimum of three months. Depending on where you’re based you’ll need to add a shipping cost to that price, so in the end, it’s going to look like this:

  • The Netherlands: 8 euros + 2 euros shipping = 10 euros total
  • Europe: 8 euros + 3 euros shipping = 11 euros total
  • The rest of the world: 8 euros + 6 euros shipping = 14 euros total

Sounds interesting? Would you like to receive the Art Letter at the beginning of each month and bring more art into your life that way?

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You can see here some content from the previous Art Letters. To see what can you expect in the next one check out my Instagram stories highlights on a link here.

Art Letter – October 2019

Art Letter – November 2019

Would you like to find one of these letters in your post box next month?

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