Tea Gudek SnajdarCulture Tourist was founded by Tea Gudek Šnajdar in the spring of 2016 in Amsterdam.

Tea is an art historian (MA) and historian (BA), who has worked as a museum docent for many years and is passionate about telling stories about art and history.

Cultural tourism

Culture Tourist was created as a place for people who are curious, who like to learn about the places they visit, and who are interested in hearing about the stories behind the paintings in museums and learning more about their context.

That’s why at Culture Tourist we do more than just organise tours, we organise little art workshops as well. We normally start in the museums, where you’ll see the paintings and hear the stories of the painters who made them. Often, this will be in their own words, as we explore journals and letters written by the artist. Sometimes you’ll even do a bit of drawing yourself, to understand how they created their paintings. And then, to give you the whole context, we’ll often continue our voyage to the city. We’ll see some of the places where these painters lived and worked, or some of the places that feature in their paintings.

Our mission is to give you the whole picture, so you leave the tour feeling like you really got to know these artists and with a desire to find out more yourself.

Sustainable tourism

At Culture Tourist, we strongly believe in sustainable tourism.

That’s why:

  • All our tours are organised for small groups of max. 5 people
  • We’ll often look at things away from the overcrowded touristic places
  • We organise art workshops for local residents too
  • We try hard not to disturb the daily life of the residents or to endanger works of art in any way
  • We use bicycles and public transport to get around (the Dutch railway system runs on green electricity)
  • We reduce paper waste in our office
  • We collaborate with other small local businesses

Would you like to learn more?

Here is Tea’s travel blog, where she writes about art and culture in destinations around Europe.
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