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10 things you shouldn’t miss in Maastricht – the Netherlands

10 things you shouldn't miss in Maastricht

Maastricht is one of the most beautiful and unusual cities in the Netherlands. It’s also a Dutch city which looks the least Dutch. Positioned at the border with Germany and Belgium, its architecture, culture and cuisine are very much influenced by its neighbours. Located some two hours by train from Amsterdam, it’s a great town to visit on a weekend break in the Netherlands. There are so many great things to do in Maastricht and fantastic historical sites to visit. To make your choice of what to do in Maastricht easier, here is the Culture Tourist’s selection of 10 things you shouldn’t miss in Maastricht.

Ultimate Travel Guide: Muscat (Oman)

Muscat Al Alam Palace

Oman was one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. I enjoyed every single day of my trip to Oman. And Muscat as its capital, definitely added a lot to it. With so many beautiful places it’s the city worth visiting. And here is the Ultimate Travel Guide that will help you in organising your trip to Muscat. Muscat Travel Guide First things first: Useful tips *TIP No. 1: Rent a car! There is a public transport in Muscat but it’s not efficient and nobody seems to use it. You’ll see many taxis around, but they are quite expensive…

Zagreb like a local: Ultimate City Guide

View on Zagreb Cathedral

I’ve always found a bit hard to write about the city where I was born and grew up – Zagreb. That’s why I was always postponing this blog post.

However, things changed lately, and I’m in Zagreb maybe twice per year. But, like a visitor now. That’s why I’m starting to see it from a different side of view. I’m more and more a guest in it.

Leuven – Ultimate Travel Guide

Leuven city center and amazing architecture

Leuven is a small Belgian town located some 30 km from the capital, Brussels. It’s charming, picturesque and still undiscovered by the hordes of tourists. I’ve spent a weekend there recently and completely fell in love with it! So, I’ve compiled here an Ultimate Travel Guide with some tips, tricks and places you shouldn’t miss when in Leuven!

Travel Guide to Amsterdam by a local resident

Bridge in Amsterdam with bicycles

After living in Amsterdam for the last six years I’ve get to know the city quite well. I’ve already found my favourite places, have been in the most of museums and found some secret spots, as well. So, I’ve finally decided it’s time to write something about one of my favourite cities. And here it is – everything you need to know in this Travel Guide to Amsterdam written by a local resident. The Ultimate Travel Guide: Amsterdam Founded back in the 12th century as a small village by the herring fishermen, Amsterdam experienced its Golden Age during the 17th…

Travel guide: The best of Barcelona

View to Barcelona from Park Guell

Barcelona is one of the cities that has everything: great climate, sea, excellent cuisine, beautiful architecture, rich history and culture and friendly people! After I recently spent three days in Barcelona  it definitely became one of my favorite European cities. Here is my travel guide with the best of Barcelona, some recommendations and must-see places! Travel guide to Barcelona # – Climate Coming from Northern Europe this is one of the best things in Barcelona for me – its climate! I was there at the beginning of December, and it felt like the late spring in Amsterdam. Check your weather forecast before…