November was all about the London.

I went to the World Travel Market for the first time and it was my first solo trip ever. So,  it was quite an exciting month for me!

Traveling solo to London

Being a person that doesn’t go to cinema alone or that since recently didn’t like to go to the caffe alone, I wasn’t quite fond of an idea of traveling solo. I was concerned I would be lonely and that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself for the whole day.

What if I would see something funny and won’t have anyone to share it with? Should I just laugh on my own in the middle of London?

Those kind of questions were crossing my mind. So, to be sure I won’t be alone the whole time, I booked ‘London street art’ tour the first day and ‘The Tower of London’ tour for the Monday morning.

When I came to London, I was so excited about the fact I was there, I’ve forgot I was traveling solo. In fact, going for the lunch alone or to the guided tour, actually allowed me to absorb the city even better then if I was chit-chatting with someone the whole time.

And I wasn’t lonely at all! The fact is, when you are traveling solo, people are approaching you much more than if you are traveling as a couple. So, while waiting in the restaurant or in the hotel lobby, I always found myself talking with someone.

At the end I was surprised how much I acctually liked it. I was seeing the city with completely different eyes, this time. I liked it so much that I already booked another solo trip to Paris for January!

World Travel Market

The reason I went to London in the first place, was to visit the World Travel Market.

It is a huge event where the companies and tourism boards from all around the world are presenting themselves and their countries. It’s a great place for travel bloggers to learn about the industry, but also to network with brands and the fellow bloggers. It was my first event within the industry and although it was overwhelming, it was so useful for me, as well. I get in contact with a few brands, started to discuss possible collaboration with some of them and I meet some very nice travel bloggers, as well.

Sinterklaas came to the Netherlands

If you are not familiar with this Santa-like-looking gentlemen, take a look at this article. Arrival of the Sinterklaas is THE event in the Netherlands. Everyone get completely crazy about it! I like it because it marks the beginning of the Christmas time (and of course all the candies).

Christmas decorations are appearing around the city

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas time!

I am a bit crazy about it. Let’s just say that I am starting to plan Christmas decoration and the menu somewhere in the mid-September. So, when I see the Coca Cola commercial and the first decorations in the city I know I can express my madness freely now.

I have a feeling that Amsterdam is getting more and more decorated each year. I remember I was a bit disappointed when I first saw it, four years ago. But now, it is somehow brighter and nicer and I especially like De Bijenkorf windows with a music boxes, moving dolls and those beautiful Christmas table settings. There are many Christmas markets and events organized in the city during the December, as well.

Decisions, decisions…

In the terms of freelancing, November was the best month for me since I started! Hurraaay!!!

I have officially earned more then in my previous 9 to 5 job. This was a huge milestone for me, so I decided to take my blog to the higher level, as well. I am planning to rewrite some of the old posts, do a little redesign and include all the knowledges I gained in The Blogger course I recently took.

Although New Year is usually the time for this kind of resolutions, I wanted to take it a bit earlier and start working on it right away, so I am sure I’m really doing it. Wish me luck!

So, goodbye till the next month and I hope you will enjoy the last days of 2016!