After a lot of traveling during the January, last month was very calm. I’ve spent it mostly in Amsterdam and was very busy with working on the new art tours and the blog!

2017 – A Year of Mondrian and De Stijl

2017 is pronounced to be a year dedicated to one of the most famous Dutch modern art movements – De Stijl. It will be celebrated in many places around the Netherlands, so it will be a great opportunity to see some of the most famous works of Mondrian and other artists.

Stedelijk Museum is hosting the exhibition ‘100 years of De Stijl’, so it will be a perfect place to start. Many buildings are getting a special new look to celebrate this Dutch art movement. Here are some examples from the Hague:

Winter in Amsterdam

During the last three years I’ve been living in Amsterdam, I’ve never seen snow here. And finally, after all that time, I’ve finally seen it!!!

The city was even more beautiful covered with snow than it is usual. Somehow it looked older and calmer. Here are some of the photos that should put you in the mood of winter in Amsterdam.

Well, now I’m only waiting to see the frozen canals. Hope I won’t need to wait another three years!

I’ve started to work in the co-working space

I am super excited about this one – from the 1st March I’ve started to work in the co-working space. I was really missing some colleagues and an office to go to each morning in the last few months. So, I’ve decided to take this exciting new step and rent a desk in the co-working space. My office is in a very center of Amsterdam overlooking one of the old canals and it’s beautiful!

What am I up to?

In the following weeks I am planning to continue focusing on the blog and work on some improvements there. Blog will get a slightly different look and I will introduce a new feature on it soon that should be very helpful for planning your future trips!

In a month I will be celebrating Culture Tourist’s first birthday!!! There will be a huge GIVEAWAY organised, with some nice presents you could win! It will start on March 20th so keep an eye on our social media channels!

That’s it for now! Enjoy the last days of winter!