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Last week I had a great pleasure to deliver presentation ‘Amsterdam City Guide’, in one of the biggest online travel agencies in the world – Presentation was organized in its headquarters in a very center of Amsterdam.

Since a lot of employees of this international company are expats living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, main goal of the workshop was to familiarize them more with the city they are living in.

Many researches shows that traveling and getting better knowledge of a new culture helps expats with stress relief, transition, prevention of depression and loneliness. It also helps them in easier blending into the new culture. First months in a new country are always difficult and it is easier to go through them by exploring a new city, learning about it and experiencing its culture.

Workshop gave an overview of city’s history, culture, attractions, interesting facts, things to do, as well as the nearby towns worth visiting. It informed attendances with Amsterdam and encouraged them to explore the city more.

It was also a great, and definitely different experience for me to prepare city guide in a form of presentation instead of a blog post.

I had a great time and I’m looking forward to organize more events like this one as a part of expending the scope of