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The best museums in Paris

Louvre museum view through the pyramid

Being a home to some of the most famous museums in the world, Paris definitely deserved a reputation of the City of Art. So many of those famous artists lived there. So many art styles were founded there, as well. However, with almost 130 museums, it can definitely be a bit overwhelming for a first time visitors. That’s why I’ve compiled here a guide with all tips and tricks that will help you navigate your way through some of the best museums in Paris. The best museums in Paris Paris classics #1 – Musée du Louvre Address: Rue de Rivoli Louvre is probably…

Jewelry inspired by different sceneries

Nahla presenting her jewelry collection from different sceneries

A few days ago I went to the launch of new Analogie Jewelry collection ‘A Piece of Earth’. Event was held at cozy MICA coffee bar in Haarlem which was very suitable venue for it. Its designer Nahla already had collections inspired by traveling and different cultures (you can see more about her story here). But, this one really stands out with its simplicity and amazing reflection of motifs in jewelry. Nahla found inspiration in five different locations; Ethiopia, China, Australia, Turkey and the North pole. She then looked for gems that are trully representing colors and shapes of its sceneries. It is…