In day 3 of our Art Blogmas, you can see the work of another famous Impressionist painter – Claude Monet’s Train in the Snow or The Locomotive. Keep on reading to learn more about it and to see some of its details.

Art Blogmas 2020

I tried to fill this Art Blogmas with diverse art styles and painters. However, Impressionists had a special love for painting the winter scenes. It’s probably the same as with their passion for painting the water. They were both a perfect motif to play with the light.

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Claude Monet: Train in the Snow or The Locomotive

Claude Monet painted his Train in the Snow in 1875. He painted it at the Argenteuil railway station. He actually painted quite a few scenes with trains, almost as he was fascinated with them.

Could it be because of the steam or the new technology and development they represented?

Observing the texture is something especially interesting when in front of the Impressionist painting. It seems as there is no light on this painting. Monet painted both the snow and the sky with the grim shades of grey.

People looking like the black shadows could almost be misplaced for the black tree branches shown at the right-hand-side. Although the cold could almost be felt from the painting, it has a certain cosiness.

Everything moves slowly on this painting; people, train, the wind… Once those people get into the train, they will be in a cosy illuminated train wagon, watching and enjoying in that winter landscape from the inside.

Claude Monet always revives the atmosphere of the landscape well on his paintings. And he’s doing the same on this one.

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