In the last day of this year’s Art Blogmas, I’m sharing with you a very special painting – J. M. W. Turner’s Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps.

Art Blogmas 2020

We’re finishing our Culture Tourist Art Blogmas with quite an unusual winter painting – the one without any snow. However, with a closer look at it, you can recognise its winter theme very well.

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J. M. W. Turner – Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps

J. M. W. Turner was a British Romantic painter who lived in the 19th-century. He’s well known for his soft brushstrokes and paintings depicting steam and fog. His distinctive style is clearly recognisable on this painting, too.

Turner created this painting after he visited Paris, where he saw Jacques-Louis David’s picture of Napoleon Crossing the Alps. He’s drawing the parallel between Napoleon and Hannibal. And is making his version of a depiction of a general battling nature.

The power of nature is visible in a dark black storm approaching a group of soldiers. Its dynamism is emphasized even more by the threatening dark volume similar to the wave. It seems like it’s going to swipe away a group of scared men.

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Turner was the master of building the artwork with the subtle layers of transparent paint that are as delicate and thin as the cobweb. The upper part of his paintings could stand as an independent art piece, consisting only of those paint spreads.

Thank you for following along Culture Tourist Art Blogmas. I hope you enjoyed in all the paintings I shared here with you during the last month. Which one was your favourite?

Be sure to check in here tomorrow, as well, when I’ll show you some of the most beautiful Christmas paintings from art history.