It looks like with our summer vacation being over, the warm sunny weather is going towards its end too. Well, you can start reading those articles about beating the post vacation blues. Or, you can do something much more fun, and pretend to be a tourist in your own city.

That’s what I’ve decided to do!

I’ve prepared a lot of content dedicated to Amsterdam for this September. I’ll also share a lot of pics of Amsterdam on my social media channels. And, we are going to have not one, but two giveaways on a blog this month!

But, the most exciting part to me is that I’m going to organise a few walking tours around the city and to some of its museums! We’re going to start with the Rijksmuseum Workshop that will be organised at the end of the month.

Amsterdam content on the blog

We’ve prepared a lot of special Amsterdam content for you on a blog. The first blog post about the best museums in Amsterdam is going to be live tomorrow! You can then expect a new fresh blog post about our beautiful city being posted each Tuesday during the September.

Get inspired on our social media channels

On our Instagram profile you’ll see a lot of pics showing some of the well known and not so well known spots around the city. On our Facebook and Twitter channels we’re going to share a lot of content about Amsterdam too. So, keep an eye on them to stay updated!

Individual tours in Amsterdam

Up until now we were providing our tours to the companies only, but since we’ve got a lot of requests for individual bookings, we’ve decided to offer them this Autumn to a single bookers too.

We believe in responsible and cultural tourism and one of our principles is that knowledge should be available to everyone. That’s why they will be organised for a small groups of 5 – 8 people, mostly for expats living in Amsterdam (although travellers are welcome, too). And we are going to offer them for quite a nice prices too!

I’m going to share more about them in a following days, but if you are interested to learn more, send me an email to tea(at)

Let’s visit the Rijksmuseum together

The first of those tours will be a visit to the Rijksmuseum!

It will be a lot of fun, because you won’t only be listening during those two hours, but you’re also going to take a magnifier and look to the paintings from a close. You’re going to try to draw some of the details we’re going to see on them. We will look together for a stroopwafel in a painting from the 17th Century. And are going to learn why the Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ got that nickname at the end of the 19th century and why is it such an important painting today.

Interested in joining one of our ‘Rijksmuseum Workshops‘? Send me an email to tea(at)

We have two giveaways this September

Since we are celebrating Amsterdam this September, we’re going to have two giveaways this month, too!

There will be a photo contest where you can share your best pics of Amsterdam. The owner of the best photo is going to win one of my favourite books about Amsterdam – a great Geert Mak’s ‘Amsterdam, A brief life of the city’.

In the other giveaway the prize is going to be a place in our ‘Rijskmuseum Workshop’!

I’ll be sharing more info in the following days, so check our social media channels for any updates!

As you can see it’s going to be busy here in the following weeks! I hope all of us is going to enjoy in our ‘September in Amsterdam‘ programme and that we’re going to learn a lot about this lovely city, too.